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Earthbound [Factory FACT 217/FACT 217c/FACD 217, May 1989]

Earthbound cover art 1. Who Wants To Change The World; Somewhere, Anywhere; On A Ship; The Razor Of Truth (slice up yer life mix); Falling

2. Go; Mother Of The Sea; Earthbound; Dangerously Loose; For Whom the Bell Tolls


Only the World [Stig Europe STIG C05/STIG CD05, February 1992]

Only The World cover art 1. 1:8 Million; I Can't Understand You; Going Under; Only the World; Heart

2. Telephone Song; Bell Song; Grain Of Sand; Money; Beaches

3 [Stig Europe STIG C07/STIG CD07, July 1994]

1. The King And I; Honest Man; Cormorant Wave; If I Was God; Under The Sun; Gentle

2. Bring Flowers; Waiting For Rain; I Could Be That Man; The Lady Of the Lake; Encore

The Marvel Of The Age [Stig Europe STIG C08/STIG CD08, 27th April, 1998]

The Marvel Of The Age cover art The Hard Way; Big Wheel; Beautiful; One Song; Angel; Goodbye Moon; Maureen; Sad Lazarus; She Sings All The Time; Ordinary Life; Rag And Bone; Photographs

Special Reserve [Rarities compilation, no catalogue number, 3rd September, 2010]

Special Reserve cover art Mother Of The Sea (Groovy Goings On E.P. version); Money (version from "Who Wants To Change The World" CD single); Go (12" single version with string quartet); The Flight (from "Go" 12" single); Beaches (from "Go" 12" single); Yesterday's News (from "Go" 12" single); Only The World (acoustic version, from "The King And I" CD single); Where Is Your Love (from "The King And I" CD single); White Cloud (from "If You Just Tuned In" sampler album); Goodbye To Nothing (demo); Wake Up (demo); Past Tension (demo); Loving You, Losing Me (demo); Gentle (demo); Down (demo); Though The Cries (demo); Telephone Song (demo); Watch Me Fall (demo); God Song (demo); Ho Ho (demo); Bell Song (demo); I Can't Understand You (demo); I Found A Key (demo); One To Eight Million (demo)


Groovy Goings On cover art

"Groovy Goings On" EP

  • Red Moon Joe - "Dying For Your Love"
  • THWB: "Mother Of The Sea" (original version)
  • Passionplay - "Why Lose Your Money?"

    [From Chorley Records 7" EP, FCR2, 03.1988]

    Who Wants To Change The World cover art

  • "Who Wants To Change The World?"
  • "Money"
  • "Mother Of the Sea"

    [Factory CD single, FACD 218, 05.1989]

    Go - twelve inch single
  • "Go" (new version with string quartet)
  • "The Flight"
  • "Beaches"
  • "Yesterday's News"

    [Really Original Records 12" single, ROR 12001, 11.1990]

    The King And I - CD single
  • "The King And I"
  • "Cormorant Wave"
  • "Only the World" (acoustic version)
  • "Where Is Your Love"

    [Stig Europe CD single, STIG CD06, 07.1994]

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